We make paying your bill simple and convenient. With a number of ways to pay, just select which one works best for you.

AutoPay AutoPay Free Sign Up/Manage AutoPay Paid on Due Date 3
1-Time Direct Withdrawal 1-Time Direct Withdrawal Free Make a Payment Next Business Day 1
Credit / Debit Card Credit / Debit Card Free Western Union Speedpay Next Business Day 1
Paperless Billing Paperless Billing Free Sign Up Monthly Emails
Online Bill Pay <sup>2</sup> Online Bill Pay 2 Free 2 Your bank's website Next Business Day 1
CTX Format ACH (Business) CTX Format ACH (Business) Ask Your Bank Contact Your Bank Ask Your Bank

Mail In Your Payment

Vermont Gas Systems
Payment Processing Center
PO Box 22082
Albany NY 12201-2082

Please be sure to include your bill stub with your payment.

Key Bank
St Albans only
Free 3 to 5 business days
All Kinney Drug stores $1.50 4 1 to 3 business days
All Price Chopper stores $1.50 4 1 to 3 business days

Budget Payment Plan

Our Budget Plan is a great way to stay on top of your utility finances all year long. The plan allows you to pay one amount year round, making your winter bills more manageable. We estimate your gas cost based on your previous twelve months of gas usage and distribute that cost evenly over the full twelve months of the year. We also review your account periodically to make sure your bills are in line with that average and adjust your payments accordingly.

Signing up is easy. Just call our Customer Service Representatives at (802) 863-4511 or complete this form.

Assistance Programs

Vermont Gas is here for you with Assistance Programs. A number of avenues are possible. Read more about our Assistance Programs or contact us at (802) 863-4511 if you have questions. We’re here to help!


Why is there a fee for card payments? Card payment is the most expensive payment method. At this time our regulated rates do not allow us to absorb the extra cost.
1 Payments entered after 7:59pm are delayed one business day.
2 Vermont Gas accepts electronic payments from all banks and credit unions. Your bank or credit union may charge a fee for this service.
3 Vermont Gas recommends completing the AutoPay registration process from a laptop, desktop or tablet. Once you’re registered, you can manage your AutoPay from your smartphone. Signing Up for AutoPay
4 Western Union service. Fees are set by the individual merchant.