A blocked sewer may be the result of a utility line, which was accidentally “cross bored” through a sewer line.

Call before you clear sewer lines.

If unable to visually verify that a “cross bore” blockage does not exist, Call Dig Safe 811 before attempting to clear a blockage beyond the outside wall of a building. Download our Cross Bore Brochure for more information.

Call Dig Safe at 811 and request an emergency utility mark out. If utility markings cross the known path of the sewer line, it may be a cross bore blockage.

If you suspect a cross bore blockage.

DO NOT attempt to clear the blockage with a mechanical device or high-pressure water jet. Get help from the involved utility operator. Vermont Gas can be reached at 800-639-8081.

If you suspect a natural gas leak.

  1. Leave and instruct others to leave the area.
  2. Call 911 and then Vermont Gas at 800-639-8081.
  3. Do not operate any equipment & eliminate sources of ignition.