Vermont Gas

The Honda Civic GX recently gained distinction as “America’s Greenest Car.” Vermont Gas has eight in its fleet, supporting Vermont’s designation as “America’s greenest state.”

Interest is accelerating

Vermont has been dubbed “America’s greenest state.” It’s no surprise, then, that finding ways to fill your vehicle’s fuel tank has begun to extend beyond the gas station.

Natural gas is gaining ground in local conversations. At present, there are several small fleets which run on CNG (compressed natural gas). The vehicles include both cars and buses. Vermont Gas has 8 Honda Civic GX models in active use each business day.

University of Vermont is another good example, with five natural gas fueled buses in operation. City government use of natural gas fuel vehicles currently includes both the City of Burlington and City of South Burlington.

Natural gas is delivered locally via Vermont Gas Systems pipelines and is dispensed by private pumps located at its Swift Street location as well as the Burlington Department of Public Works located on Pine Street in Burlington. Natural gas has two huge advantages over gasoline and diesel:

  • It’s typically cheaper to buy—more money left in your pocket after filling the tank
  • It burns cleaner—there’s less pollution in the air

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