Vermont Gas is committed to a sustainable future—that’s why we’re proud to offer EcoGas™: a renewable natural gas option created from the methane produced by the organic material in farms and landfills. Reusing these gases keeps them out of the atmosphere and reduces fossil fuel dependence.

A simple switch to renewables can make a big difference.

Customers will have the opportunity to replace traditional natural gas on the grid without the need for modifications to their equipment.

EcoGas™ is a renewable, sustainable source of energy. The breakdown of organic materials in farms and landfills create what’s known as “biogas.” The biogas is collected and cleaned to create pipeline quality renewable natural gas.

Capturing and reusing methane from farms and landfills and using it as an energy source (just like natural gas) can also displace other higher-emitting fossil-based fuels such as heating oil and propane.

Absolutely! Natural gas is a large part of the energy mix for our state and country. It is imperative that we all seek ways to minimize our environmental impact while maintaining our way of life. EcoGas™ provides a way for customers to make a significant impact while leveraging the pipeline infrastructure in our state. We are determined to be a leader in Vermont’s clean energy future and EcoGas™ is a key component of that vision.

We purchase EcoGas™ from out-of-state landfills. We’re working toward purchasing EcoGas™ produced in Vermont by utilizing an anaerobic digester to create biogas.

Vermont Gas customers will have the opportunity to choose the amount of EcoGas™ they wish to purchase at levels of 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%.

An average residential customer would pay a few dollars more each month for 10% EcoGas™. Final pricing will be available in the coming weeks.