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Vermont Gas Systems’ strong belief in energy efficiency is a key component of the company’s operating principles.  As part of its commitment to the efficient use of energy, Vermont Gas has offered “Demand-Side Management” (DSM) programs to both residential and commercial customers since 1992. Collectively known as the "Energy Extenders".


Vermont Gas Systems' Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs are available to assist business customers save natural gas. Whether it’s a new commercial or industrial building, an existing building being considered for renovation, or equipment being replaced that may affect natural gas consumption, Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. has a program to help you.


WorkPlace Equipment Replacement and Retrofit Program
Commercial Equipment Loan Application
WorkPlace New Construction Program

WorkPlace Equipment Replacement and Retrofit Program

Customers considering renovating buildings or replacing equipment may benefit from contacting our efficiency experts. Vermont Gas offers the following services at no charge for our commercial and industrial customers:

  • Free walk-through audit of your facility to identify potentially cost-effective energy efficiency measures.
  • Engineering assistance to evaluate potentially cost-effective energy efficiency measures that are identified in the walk-through audit.
  • Possible financial incentives to install cost-effective measures, including high efficiency equipment and controls.
  • Energy efficient equipment information.
  • Engineering assistance to quantify the savings and cost-effectiveness of an equipment replacement project.
  • Assistance in locating and selecting qualified consulting engineers.
  • Possible assistance in financing the cost of an engineering analysis.

Click Here to request a Walk Through Audit

We make energy efficient improvements easy with low and zero interest loans.

Vermont Gas is pleased to announce the introduction of low and zero interest loans for our business customers through Green Mountain Credit Union.

Items that could qualify for financing are:

  • Whole building weatherization, including insulation and air sealing
  • High-efficiency natural gas boilers, furnaces, and water heaters
  • High-efficiency kitchen hood exhaust systems
  • Building control systems
  • Energy Star kitchen cooking equipment
  • Heat recovery equipment for ventilation and commercial processes

View/download the Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan application

For more information call us at 863-4511 ext. 321 or e-mail

*Loans have a maximum cap of $15,000 and are subject to prior credit approval.

The following types of equipment may also qualify for a rebate from Vermont Gas Systems:

  • Unit heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Modulating Burners
  • Pool Heaters
  • Domestic Hot Water Heaters
  • Venturi Steam Traps
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
  • Air to Air Heat Recovery Equipment
  • Waste Heat Recovery Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers

Equipment Replacement Rebate Form

To participate in this program, just do the following:

  • Contact a VGS Commercial Energy Services Representative prior to replacing the piece of equipment

  • If a high efficiency piece of equipment is available for the application, a VGS Energy Services Representative will calculate the natural gas savings. If the measure qualifies based on cost and savings estimates, you may be offered a rebate to install the high efficiency piece of equipment.  Actual contractor pricing may be used to confirm the feasibility of a project and help determine the rebate.

  • You will be sent a rebate form to review and sign. Once the form has been executed, the rebate will be reserved for you.

  • Notify VGS when the project is complete. After a quick energy efficiency inspection, a rebate check will be issued to you!


Please E-mail us if you’re replacing any piece of equipment that may affect your natural gas consumption, so we may determine if you are eligible for a financial incentive from VGS.

  For more information on this product please contact Ray Keller: or 802-863-4511 x389


WorkPlace New Construction Program
If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, our WorkPlace New Construction Program can help you:
  • Are you an owner, architect, engineer, or developer of a new building and looking for energy efficiency information?
  • Do you need technical information regarding high efficiency natural gas equipment or building envelope improvements that may save natural gas?
  • Would you like to know if you're eligible for any financial incentives for installing energy efficiency measures that will save you natural gas?
  • Are you applying for an Act 250 permit and need to know who to speak with and how to comply with Act 250 Criteria 9(F) and 9(J)?

Some areas where VGS may be able to assist you include:

  • Review of building plans, and as needed, engineering analysis of potentially cost-effective natural gas saving measures.
  • Energy efficient equipment information, lists of manufacturers and improved construction techniques and building materials.
  • Technical assistance to Act 250 permit applicants who have chosen natural gas as a fuel source.
  • Financial incentives for certain applications.
  • Energy code information.
  • Utility and energy efficiency contacts of organizations that may provide additional assistance.
  For more information on this product please contact Ray Keller: or 802-863-4511 x389