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Based on frequently asked questions from our customers.
Q. What is an energy audit?

The Vermont Gas energy audit is a thorough on-site investigation into natural gas usage in your home. It’s free if you qualify. You may request a free energy audit if your home uses more than 0.5 Ccf of natural gas  per square foot annually. For example, a 2,000 square foot home that consumes more than 1,000 Ccf per year is eligible for this program
Q. I just missed qualifying for a free audit. Can I qualify as an exception?

It’s possible, if you have a smaller home or unusually high gas use in the summer. We’ll be happy to do a more thorough evaluation to double-check your qualification.

If we suspect there may be potential for cost-effective energy savings, despite what the numbers say, we may make an exception. Talk to us if you have a compelling reason to believe an audit would be worthwhile.

Q. What if I simply don’t qualify for a free audit? Will Vermont Gas perform an audit for a fee?

Yes, but if you’re using less than 0.5 Ccf of natural gas per square foot annually it may make more sense to focus on savings from electric and water conservation.

If you wish to pay for an audit, the typical cost would be $400.

Q. How long is the wait for an energy audit?

It varies. At present it’s two weeks. Depending on seasonal demand, the wait can be as much as two months.