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Based on frequently asked questions from our customers.
How do I know if I qualify for a loan to install a new heating system – or weatherize my home?

Vermont Gas may buy down the interest rates on loans for replacing a furnace or boiler in the case of:

• Red-tagged equipment that’s dangerous and must be replaced.
• Customers who are switching from another fuel to natural gas.
• Energy audit customers. You may be offered a low-cost loan for equipment replacement, depending on the operating efficiency of the existing heating equipment.

Q. What’s the process of getting a rebate from Vermont Gas?

Contact Vermont Gas prior to the installation of the equipment to be sure it qualifies. If you’re switching from another fuel to natural gas, you may be required to provide Vermont Gas with usage history from the past 12 months. After the installation (within two weeks), please call Vermont Gas to schedule a free inspection by a Vermont Gas service technician. In most cases, within two weeks after the inspection, Vermont Gas will send you the rebate check.
Q. What equipment qualifies for rebates?

Vermont Gas provides the following rebates to qualifying residential customers:

Eligible Equipment
(must be purchased new)

Required Efficiency
(as listed in GAMA)

Hot Air Furnace 90% to 92% AFUE $100.00
Hot Air Furnace 92.1% to 93.9% AFUE $300.00
Hot Air Furnace 94%+ AFUE $400.00
Hot Water Boiler 87% to 91.9% AFUE $400.00
Hot Water Boiler 92%+ AFUE
with outdoor temp. reset
Steam Boiler 82%+ AFUE $150.00
Water Heater 40/50 gal. .62+ EF $100.00
Indirect-fired hot water storage tank Heated by an 87%+ AFUE boiler $100.00
Tankless Water Heater .80+ EF $100.00
Drain Water Heat recovery Call for details $200.00

NOTE: Multiple boiler/furnace systems and non-conventional designs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To qualify you must be an existing Vermont Gas customer and use a gas certified contractor to install the new equipment.