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Vermont Gas Systems’ strong belief in energy efficiency is a key component of the company’s operating principles.  As part of its commitment to the efficient use of energy, Vermont Gas has offered  “Demand-Side Management” (DSM) programs to both residential and commercial customers since 1992. 


Whether you're building a new home, trying to save energy in an existing home, or installing a new furnace, boiler, or hot water heater, Vermont Gas has efficiency experts on staff and three distinct residential energy efficiency programs to help you make the best decisions for your specific situation.

Retrofit Program
New Construction Program
Equipment Replacement Program
Plumbing, Heating & Chimney Liner Contractors

Retrofit Program
The Retrofit Program is designed to help customers with larger than average gas usage find ways to improve the efficiency of their homes. Vermont Gas customers whose home has used at least 0.5 Ccf per square foot of natural gas over the past year are eligible. For example,  a 2,000 square foot home that consumes more than 1,000 Ccf per year qualifyfor this program, as are multi-family buildings where the total building usage is at least 0.5 Ccf per square foot of natural gas. If you don't own your home, Vermont Gas must receive direct authorization from the landlord to qualify for an energy audit. Vermont Gas provides financial incentives to encourage qualifying customers to install cost effective energy conservation measures.

A Free energy audit is performed on each participating building to identify potential energy saving measures. The auditor looks at existing insulation levels, evaluates building air-tightness, and tests the heating system efficiency. Potential improvements are modeled using a computer audit tool to determine the cost effectiveness of improvements and to estimate the savings that may result. Building owners are then provided with a written report summarizing the audit results and detailing the incentives available. The report also includes a list of contractors and the specifications needed for contractor bidding. Customers have the choice of obtaining competitive bids, or having VGS assign a pre-screened contractor to do the work.

This program has been designed to encourage the installation of significant building improvements that will have a long-term impact on the energy efficiency of structures. Typical measures may include blown-in cellulose insulation for walls and ceilings, and specific air sealing measures designed to make houses less drafty. In some cases, heating system and distribution improvements are also recommended.

Typically Vermont Gas will rebate 33 1/3% of the installed cost of the recommended measures and provide a reduced interest loan through a local Credit Union for the balance. Currently, customers are offered loans at 0% interest for up to 3 years, 2% interest for up to 5 years, or 4% interest for up to 10 years.

Low-income customers are referred to the Champlain Valley Weatherization Service (CVWS) for priority assistance. CVWS determines the customer's income status and eligibility, performs the energy audit, submits the recommended measures to VGS for screening, and coordinates the installation of the cost-effective energy saving measures. VGS shares the costs of these jobs with CVWS.

Click here to see if your home qualifies for a free energy audit.



New Construction Program
Vermont Gas is committed to working with both builders and homebuyers in supporting the construction of highly efficient new homes in our service territory. To this end, Vermont Gas developed Vermont ENERGY STAR® Homes in partnership with Efficiency Vermont, Vermont's electric efficiency utility. Services provided to Vermont ENERGY STAR® Homes participants include no-cost technical assistance and home energy ratings, assistance complying with Vermont's Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES), free construction inspection to identify potential insulation and air leakage problems, final inspection and blower door test for air tightness, and potential for cash incentives and ENERGY STAR® certification when meeting minimum program standards.

To qualify for incentives, participating homes must meet all of the following standards:

• The home should achieve a Home Energy Rating score of 75 points or less using the National Home Energy Rating Scale. (HERS). This rating shall meet or exceed the Energy Star HERS target index. Homes meeting ENERGY STAR® and achieving a high efficiency energy rating are eligible for cash incentives.

• Builder and HVAC Contractor must be ENERGY STAR® partners (ENERGY STAR® credentialed HVAC Contractor only needed if home uses ducted air for cooling and/or heating or has a heat pump).

• It must pass a thermal bypass inspection.

• Air leakage must be equal to or less than 3 air changes per hour at 50 pascals

• Must have ENERGY STAR® lighting in 80% of permanently installed light fixtures in qualifying locations.

• If forced-air heating and cooling equipment is used, the ducts must be located within the thermal enclosure of the home.

• Heating equipment must be sealed combustion or power vented.

• Heating and cooling systems as well as installed appliances must be ENERGY STAR® labeled.

• The house must use an efficient mechanical ventilation system that meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard. Insulation must achieve the RBES prescriptive levels and be installed to Grade I standards.

• Meet all ENERGY STAR® checklist requirements for: Thermal Enclosure System for the rater, HVAC System Quality Installation for the contractors, HVAC System Quality Installation for the rater, and Water Management System for the builder.

For a detailed description of Vermont ENERGY STAR® Homes, go to


Equipment Replacement Program

Thank you for your interest in the Equipment Replacement program.
Vermont Gas provides the following rebates to qualifying residential customers:

Eligible Equipment
(must be purchased new)

Required Efficiency
(as listed in GAMA)

Hot Air Furnace* 94%+ AFUE $400.00
Hot Water Boiler 87% to 91.9% AFUE $400.00
Hot Water Boiler* 92%+ AFUE
Must have outdoor air temp reset control
Steam Boiler 82%+ AFUE $150.00
Water Heater 40/50 gal. .62+ EF $100.00
Indirect-fired hot water storage tank* Heated by an 87%+ AFUE boiler $100.00
Tankless Water Heater* .82+ EF $100.00
Drain Water Heat recovery Call for details $200.00

Rebates from Efficiency Vermont
Certain furnaces, water tanks & appliances may qualify for additional rebates from Efficiency Vermont. Please contact them directly at 888.921.5990 or on the web at

Follow these steps to receive a rebate:

  1. Verify that your new equipment meets the qualifications for a rebate. Once you have decided upon a contractor and a proposal, you should either fax a copy of the signed proposal to the Vermont Gas Energy Efficiency Department at 802-863-8872 or email it to

  2. Notify Vermont Gas that the installation is complete. Call customer service at 863-4511 x250 and ask for a “Rebate inspection”- We will schedule a VGS service technician to inspect the installation at no charge to you.
  3. BURLINGTON RESIDENTS ONLY: Vermont Gas will need a copy of your Mechanical Permit in order to provide a rebate. Your contractor should be able to assist you in obtaining the permit, or call the Burlington Public Works Department at 863-9094.

Upon completion of steps 1 and 2, we will issue a rebate check!

For your convenience here is a list of some of the local State of Vermont natural gas certified contractors; however you may use the contractor of your choice provided they are natural gas certified. Your contractor should complete a Heat Loss Analysis to select appropriately sized heating equipment for your home.

Rebate requests must be made within four weeks of the completed installation of equipment.

Please call 863-4511 x321
BEFORE installing your furnace, boiler, or water heater to make sure that you are eligible for a REBATE!

Rebate amounts and eligibility criteria are valid for projects approved by Vermont Gas before December 31, 2014. Rebate requests after December 31, 2014 are subject to new program rates.

* New equipment installed in 2013 may have been eligible for federal tax credits. For more information, please visit

Click here for information on programmable thermostats from the Energy Star website that tells you how to achieve additional energy savings of 3% to 10% per year. Vermont Gas can install a programmable thermostat for you. Please call customer service at 863-4511 for scheduling; or contact your plumbing & heating contractor.