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Retrofit Program: Start with a free energy audit!
If your home qualifies, we’ll send one of our technicians to conduct an energy audit, at no cost. We’ll inspect the house as a whole and recommend various efficiency measures such as air-sealing, additional insulation, or replacing old heating equipment with high-efficiency models.

We’ll be happy to give you a list of certified contractors. And in many instances, we can arrange zero-percent interest loans for qualified customers enrolled in the Retrofit Program.

We also offer cash incentives for efficiency improvement projects, as much as one-third of the cost in some cases.

Click Here to see if your home qualifies for a free energy audit.

Equipment Replacement Program: Stop throwing away money!
When you upgrade your heating equipment, you’re investing in a future where you’ll be saving
energy every day.

Payback schedules vary depending on your situation, but on a comfort level the impact will be immediate.

We offer the following rebates to qualifying customers who switch to energy efficient equipment:

Eligible Equipment
(must be purchased new)
Required Efficiency
(as listed in GAMA)
Hot Air Furnace
90% to 92% AFUE
Hot Air Furnace
92.1% + AFUE
Hot Water Boiler
87% + AFUE
Steam Boiler
82% + AFUE
Water Heater 40/50 gal.
.61+ EF
Tankless Water Heater
.80+ EF
Indirect-Fired Storage
Heated by an 87%+ AFUE Boiler
Drain Water Heat Recovery
Call for details

Plumbing, Heating & Chimney Liner Contractors

For more information about our Equipment Upgrade Program, contact

New Construction Program: Build an Energy Star® home!
Vermont Gas is committed to helping builders and homeowners construct highly efficient new homes. So we partnered with Efficiency Vermont, the state’s electric efficiency utility, to develop the Vermont Energy Star® Homes program.

Services for Vermont Energy Star® Homes participants include:

• No cost technical assistance to help you achieve the
highest home energy ratings

• Assistance in complying with Vermont’s Residential
Building Energy Standards (RBES)

• Free construction inspection to identify potential insulation and air leakage problems

• Final inspection and blower door test for air tightness

• Cash incentives for meeting minimum program standards

• Bonus incentives for installing efficient appliances and additional high efficiency lighting

For more information on our New Construction Program, contact


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