Vermont Gas

There are a number of solutions for customers who need fuel assistance.

A number of avenues are possible. Please review the information available below, and feel free to contact us at 863-4511, ext. 253 if you have questions. We’re here to help!

Fuel Assistance Program
Fuel Assistance can help to pay part of your home heating bills.

You might be eligible for fuel assistance whether you:

  • Own your home or rent;
  • Pay for your heat directly or it’s included in your rent;
  • Rent a room in someone else’s home; or
  • Live in public, subsidized, or Section 8 housing AND your rent includes the cost of heat

Apply Now to find out if you are eligible for Seasonal Fuel Assistance during the 2010–2011 heating season. Or call 1-800-479-6151 for 24/7 automated information.

Crisis Fuel Assistance
Crisis Fuel Assistance helps Vermonters who experience a crisis during the winter months and aids in preventing a disconnection of service due to delinquency. Crisis Fuel Assistance requires you have both a current bill and a delinquent notice.

You can apply starting the last Monday in November to the last Friday in April. You must apply in person at your local Community Action Agency. Please call the agency first, so they can tell you what documents and information you will need to bring.

If you are elderly or disabled and not able to apply in person, your local Community Action Agency may accept your application by phone.

Since 1986, Vermonters have been helping other Vermonters get through heating crises with the WARMTH Support Program. During the first 22 years, customers like you and utilities have raised more than $2 million. Almost all of the money has been distributed to about 34,500 families and individuals facing heating emergencies. An additional 38,000 households received essential information and counseling that helped them avoid heating crises.

How it works
Your donations are distributed them to participating Community Action Agencies. The agencies, in turn, provide counseling and referral services and administer WARMTH funds, making sure that every dollar you contribute goes directly to a Vermonter in need.

WARMTH funds are available for emergency situations – that is, they are used when a household has exhausted its supply of fuel or faces disconnection of utility services. Funds are made available only when an individual has not been able to find sufficient help through other channels.

Community Action makes a payment directly to the individual’s fuel dealer or utility, often as a part of a repayment agreement. That individual is then responsible for the remainder of the payments.

Remember, every dollar you donate helps a Vermonter in need.

How you can help
Make a contribution of $5, $10, $25, or more. Simply:

  • Print and fill out the WARMTH form
  •  Mail form and payment to: WARMTH, c/o CVOEO, P.O. Box 1603, Burlington, VT 05402
  • OR - Call us at 863-4511x4 and ask about setting up regular monthly donations to WARMTH in any amount you choose.

All donations are tax deductible