Vermont Gas

Automatic Bill Payment
Automatic Bill Payment allows you to have your monthly bill automatically deducted from your bank account. You’ll still get a monthly statement showing the amount you owe, how much natural gas you used, and the date that your payment will be withdrawn.

  • Easy—It’s the easy, no-hassle plan that lets you forget about having to pay your natural gas bill.
  • Saves time and money—No check costs. No postage. And your payment will always be on time.
  • It’s free—There’s no charge for Automatic Bill Payment. It’s here for your convenience from Vermont Gas.
  • No check to write—It pays right from your checking account. Funds are transferred electronically so you’ll never have to write a check for your natural gas bill again.
  • Safe and reliable—Your bank can transfer only the amount of your monthly bill. When customers use the Budget Payment plan along with the Automatic Bill Payment plan they’re ensured that the same dollar amount is withdrawn from their account each month.

To sign up for Automatic Bill Payment please complete our online form.

Budget Plan
Vermont Gas has a convenient payment option which allows you to have the same gas bill in the winter and summer. Vermont Gas' budget plan distributes your winter gas bills over the full year.

We monitor your account to keep your payments in line with actual gas usage.

Signing up is easy. Just fill out this form. Or call our Customer Service Representatives at (802) 863-4511 ext. 250, or e-mail customer service.

Customer Fuel Assistance Programs
A number of avenues are possible. Read more about Fuel Assistance Programs or contact us at 863-4511, ext. 253 if you have questions. We're here to help!