Vermont Gas

Effective November 1, 2014 for bills rendered on and after November 1, 2014

Domestic Service - Rate R

This rate schedule applies to all gas used for domestic purposes; in single family or two-family dwelling; in separately metered apartments of a multiple unit dwelling; in rooming houses; in multi-family apartment buildings served through one meter provided that no more than 50% of the building is used for nonresidential purposes.

Rate: Daily Access Charge $0.6602 per day
  Natural Gas Charge $0.6506 per Ccf
  Distribution Charge $0.5799 per Ccf

ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FEE: Your bill includes a line-item charge of $0.78/month to support the Low Income Assistance Program. For information about qualifying for Energy Assistance please visit the Vermont Department for Children and Families site at

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Terms and conditions of disconnection of essential service

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