Vermont Gas

Facts about Vermont Gas
If you convert to natural gas, you'll enjoy the support of a company with a 40-year history of high-level service to Vermonters and Vermont businesses.
  • Vermont Gas was established in 1965 to bring clean-burning natural gas to Vermont
  • Today Vermont Gas is Vermont’s only natural company. We serve over 40,000 customers and have over 110 employees.
  • Vermont Gas is a public utility regulated by the State of Vermont. Rates are monitored and regulated by the Vermont Public Service Board.
  • The Vermont Gas Energy Efficiency Department has won numerous awards for its pro-active programs promoting energy efficiency among residential and commercial customers.
  • The Vermont Gas Service Department offers 24/7 emergency service and is staffed by 20 highly experienced, certified technicians.
  • Vermont Gas brings natural gas to Vermont from Canada. Our customers are served through a network of more than 700 miles of underground transmission and distribution lines and various storage sites.
  • Watch the Northern New England Energy Video

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