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Converting your business to natural gas

A smart business decision
Natural gas has been the least expensive fuel for business for years. The benefits are far reaching—and the applications go way beyond natural gas being the best solution for traditional heating systems.

Water heating
Every business has different water heating needs. Natural gas water heaters supply an abundant quantity of hot water for a wide variety of requirements. In some locations, tankless water heaters can make sense—and recent technology has improved their efficiency and installation flexibility.

Outdoor space heating
Natural gas space heating applications include fireplaces, “tiki” torches, patio heaters, and open hearths. These can bring ambience and a special touch for both customers and employees.

In addition, natural gas is highly efficient and burns cleanly—eliminating the need for venting in outdoor applications. Modern control systems make these products easy to use.

Radiant heat
Whether you need warehouse heating, snow melting or outdoor comfort, natural gas radiant heating delivers efficiency and optimal performance at a reasonable cost.

Radiant heaters come in many sizes and types, making them versatile and easy to incorporate into many settings.

The units radiate heat from a grid, projecting warmth onto a hard surface such as concrete. The heat is absorbed by the surface, and then rises. The technology allows the warmth to be directed to the area where heat is most needed.

Backup power
Backup power generation has become a “must” for many businesses—especially in light of the potential threat to IT infrastructure imposed by power outages.

Delivering immediate response, natural gas generators allow your business to avoid storing gasoline onsite—and they operate quietly.

Natural gas is the preferred choice of professional chefs. With control of the cooking flame and instant on/off capacity, natural gas gives professionals consistent results. With a wide array of cooking equipment, you can explore a multitude of applications in today’s commercial kitchen. Natural gas supplies the energy—your chef creates the signature dish.

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