Vermont Gas

Converting your home to natural gas
Converting is easy
One call will get it done—period. When you become a Vermont Gas customer, there’s no heavy lifting at your end. Need a conversion burner or water heater? Take advantage of our equipment rental program, with free installation that significantly reduces your upfront costs.

Equipment rebates or financing
Need new equipment? Vermont Gas rebates up to $600 of the purchase price to customers who install high efficiency home and water heating equipment or provides no-interest loans. Addtional rebates up to $500 are available from Efficiency Vermont when switching from electric applicances.

Free rental equipment
If you sign up for service by May 1, 2012, we'll give you six months free rental on a water heater or conversion burner.

Free chimney liner
If your chimney needs a liner and you sign up for service by May 1, 2012, Vermont Gas will purchase and install the liner for free (up to a $500 cost).

Very little upfront costs for most oil users
In most cases we can install a gas conversion burner to convert your boiler or furnace at no charge. After that, there’s a modest monthly rental fee.

Propane users save big
If you’re switching from propane to natural gas, get ready to enjoy fuel savings as high as 50%! You will incur some upfront conversion costs (an average of $800 in 2011). But you should recoup these costs fairly quickly via the savings you’ll experience using natural gas.

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For more information, or to arrange for natural gas service, call or email us:

Kathy McCann at (802) 863-4511, ext 336

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