To make your conversion to natural gas as inexpensive as possible, Vermont Gas provides rental equipment that allows you to convert your heating system and hot water with very little up front costs.

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Conversion Burner

For most typical boilers and furnaces Vermont Gas has a gas conversion burner that our certified technicians can install into your existing heating system. A gas conversion burner allows you to switch from oil to natural gas by replacing only the oil burner on your current furnace or boiler. A conversion burner can be rented from Vermont Gas for $24 dollars per month.

What do you get for $24 dollars per month?

  • Free installation of the conversion burner
  • Free gas piping from the meter to your heating system (up to 40 feet)
  • Free venting (up to 10 feet)
  • Free 24 hour repair service on the gas conversion burner

Space Heaters

Rinnai space heaters have recently been added to our rental equipment program. The monthly rental rate starts at $26 dollars per month and includes installation, up to 40 feet of pipe and a standard vent kit.

Water Heaters

Vermont Gas rents instantaneous, direct and indirect fired water heaters of various sizes and models. The monthly rental starts at $16 per month depending on the type and size unit you require.