We all can benefit from installing high efficiency home heating and water heating equipment. With our rebates the benefits are even greater! Eligible equipment may qualify for our rebates of up to $1100.

Rebate Application

1 Check the list of eligible equipment located in the equipment tab.
2 Fill out the rebate form above
3 Obtain a copy of your contractor’s final invoice.
4 Obtain a mechanical permit. 1
5 Send all materials within 30 days of installation to efficiency@vermontgas.com 2
Available Equipment for UpgradesRequired EfficiencyRebate
Hot Air Furnace 95% + AFUE $400
Combo Furnace / WH System 95% + AFUE $800
Hot Water Boiler 90% to 94.9% AFUE $600
Hot Water Boiler 95% + AFUE $800
Combo Boiler / WH System 90% to 94.9% AFUE $900
Combo Boiler / WH System 95% + AFUE $1100
Direct Vent Space Heater 81% + AFUE $200
On Demand Water Heater 0.82 - 0.89 EF $300
On Demand Water Heater 0.90+ EF $500
Water Heater 40/50gl 0.70 + EF $200
Indirect Water Heater Heated by 92% + AFUE Boiler $100
Drain Water Heat Recovery Click for more details $300
Solar Water Heater Click for more details $950
Solar Furnace Click for more details $200
See the Commercial Equipment tab for a list of covered equipment.
1 Contact our Commercial Energy Services Representative prior to replacing the piece of equipment at 802-951-0389.
2 If a high efficiency piece of equipment is available for the application, we will calculate the natural gas savings. If the measure qualifies based on cost and savings estimates, you will be sent a rebate form to review and sign.
3 Once the rebate form has been filled out and returned to us, the rebate will be reserved for you.
4 Notify us when the project is complete and we will arrange for an inspection of the installation.
5 Upon a satisfactory inspection, a rebate check will be issued to you.
Commercial Equipment that may qualify for a rebate
Unit Heaters
Hot Water Boilers
Steam Boilers
Modulating Burners
Pool Heaters
Domestic Hot Water Heaters
Venturi Steam Traps
Kitchen Exhaust Hoods
Air to Air Heat Recovery Equipment
Waste Heat Recovery Equipment
Heat Exchangers

1 Call your contractor or the Burlington Public Works Department at 863-9094 for help.
2 Vermont Gas Attn: Energy Efficiency / 85 Swift Street South Burlington, Vt. 05403 Note that multiple boiler/furnace systems and non-conventional designs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) can be checked by looking up your proposed new equipment at AHRI Certification Directory or Energy Star.