The Vermont Gas Service Plan is peace of mind for your residential gas heating equipment.

For questions about our Service Plan, email us at or call us at 802-863-4511.

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Heating System Coverage

Heating – $9.50/month or $102.60/year

Heating with off-peak inspection – $14/month or $151.20/year

Heating with peak inspection – $17/month or $183.60/year


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Combination Heating and Hot Water Unit

Combo Unit – $11/month or $118.80/year

Combo with off-peak inspection – $15.50/month or $167.40/year

Combo unit with peak inspection – $18.50/month or $199.80/year


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Water Heater Coverage

Water Heater (Tank Style) – $4.50/month or $48.60/year

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