Below is VGS's proposed Alternative Rate Plan. This proposal will establish VGS's rates in an efficient and transparent manner that continues our focus on safety, supports excellent customer service and high performance, and advances innovation. It will do so while ensuring customers pay only VGS’s reasonable costs, providing for rate stability, and allowing VGS to timely recover its appropriate costs, including cost of capital, all while reducing the time and resources needed (human and financial) for rate proceedings. Please note that due to the uncertainty surrounding the on-going pandemic, VGS has requested that the Public Utility Commission pause its review of this proposal. VGS initial filing and its request to pause are shown below.

2020-04-08 Motion for a Temporary Stay of the Proceeding and Temporary Ext of VGS’s Current ARP (00240398xE4196)

02-2019-09-13-Prefiled Testimony of Don Rendall (00176624xE4196)

03-2019-09-13 Prefiled Testimony of Eileen Simollardes (00176862xE4196)

04-Exhibit VGS-EMS-1 (Proposed Alternative Regulation Plan)

(00176584xE4196) 05-Exhibit VGS-EMS-2 (Summary of Alternative Regulation Plan)

(00176863xE4196) 06-Exhibit VGS-EMS-3 (ESM Framework) (00176828xE4196)

07-2019-09-13-Prefiled Testimony of Thomas Murray (00176803xE4196)

08-2019-09-13-Prefiled Testimony of Andrea Kean (00176831-2xE4196)