Each section of the bill is represented by a number. Use the key below the sample bill to learn more about the information each section holds. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service directly.

Budget Plan Bill Key

  1. This is your Account Number. The number following the dash is a check digit, but it is crucial to accurate payment processing. Please remember to include your complete account number with your payments.
  2. Here you’ll find meter readings, dates of service and consumption data for this billing period. Natural gas is measured in hundreds of cubic feet or “CCFs.” The graph illustrates the last 13 months of gas consumption on your account.
  3. The Bill Date is the date your bill was produced and the Due Date is the date the payment is expected.
  4. Your rate and rate description appears here. For details on our rates, click here.
  5. This section shows the detail of current charges, including gas service, rental charges, incidental charges and any applicable taxes. The total of Current Charges, plus your previous balance, less any payments received, equals the Total Amount Due on this bill.
  6. This section details the current charges for this billing period and the Total Amount Due.
  7. The payment stub summarizes the charges on your account. If you mail in your payment, please include the stub with your check memo. If you have comments or questions or if you need to change your mailing address, please call Vermont Gas at (802) 863-4511 or email us at customerservice@vermontgas.com.
  8. The remittance address is an automated payment center with no access to your account information. Please note that this address has changed as of July 1, 2015 and is now:

Vermont Gas Systems
Payment Processing Center
PO Box 22082
Albany, NY 12201-2082

Important: Correspondence sent to the remittance address may not be forwarded to us.
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