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How many gallons of oil do you use annually?
Average price of oil per gallon
How many gallons of propane do you use annually?
Average price of propane per gallon
Current statewide averages for oil and propane cost is based on information provided for October 2021 by the Vermont Department of Public Service
  • Oil: $3.11/gallon
  • Propane: $3.08/gallon
  • Natural gas costs compiled from:

    Cost Source Price Description
    Natural Gas Charge $0.5125 The cost of Natural Gas and its transportation to Vermont.
    Distribution Charge $0.5159 Cost of operating Vermont Gas' pipeline system.
    Daily Access Charge $1.2879 Cost to maintain the service line and meter to your home.
    Energy Efficiency Utility Charge $0.0468 Natural gas energy efficiency funding.
    Assistance Program $0.58 A discount program to lower income customers.

    Commercial Savings Calculator is based on potential savings for General Service Low Usage, Low Load Factor – Rate G1 customers on rates as of November 1, 2021. Additional savings may apply for businesses with greater fuel usage.