Vermont Gas Systems Customer Information Privacy Policy

Vermont Gas Systems values its relationship with our customers and respects their concerns about privacy. This Policy describes the commitment Vermont Gas Systems makes to securely manage the information we collect about our customers in order to provide services to them.

  1. Confidential Information Integrity and Security
    1. Vermont Gas Systems considers customer energy use data and personal identity information confidential information.
    2. Vermont Gas Systems maintains measures to protect customer energy use data and personal identity information from inadvertent disclosure to and/or inadvertent accessibility by unauthorized third parties.
    3. Vermont Gas Systems has controls in place so that customer energy use data is maintained securely within infrastructure owned or controlled by the utility.
    4. Vermont Gas Systems takes reasonable steps to maintain the accuracy of customer energy use data and personal identity information.
    5. Vermont Gas Systems takes reasonable steps to protect the identity of individual customers when aggregating customer energy use data.
    6. Vermont Gas Systems keeps customer information only for the time needed to complete business process, unless legal or regulatory mandates require different retention.
  2. Customer Choice and Consent
    1. Where appropriate, customers are provided the option of directing Vermont Gas Systems on the use of collected personal information.
    2. Vermont Gas Systems clearly identifies where customers have a choice to share data and provide a simple and easily accessible way for consumers to exercise their choice.
  3. Customer Access and Participation
    1. Vermont Gas Systems understands that customers may wish to access information about themselves held by Vermont Gas Systems. Vermont Gas Systems takes measures to provide this information to the customer in a timely and economical fashion.
    2. Vermont Gas Systems provides a simple and clear process for the customer to contest and resolve data accuracy and completeness issues. The process will be easily accessible to customers and provide timely review, investigation, resolution, remedy and documentation of the issue.
    3. Vermont Gas Systems provides a secure method of user authentication for online access to personally identifiable  information.
    4. Nothing in this Privacy Policy shall restrict a customer from choosing to provide information or personal identify information or customer energy use data directly to a third-party company, through applications, devices or otherwise.
  4. Disclosure to Third Parties
    1. Customer personal identity information and personal energy use data shall not be sold, given, or in any fashion conveyed to third persons for any commercial purpose whatsoever without the written, express consent of the customer, except to the extent that such disclosures may be required by law.
    2. From time to time Vermont Gas Systems employs consultants who may need (in the course of performing their duties for Vermont Gas Systems) to review customer-specific data. Vermont Gas Systems will take reasonable steps to ensure that all such consultants maintain the confidentiality of such data.
  5. Notice of Policy and Practices
    1. Vermont Gas Systems provides adequate notice of its information practices before any personal information is collected from customers. These practices include but are not limited to:
      1. Vermont Gas Systems identifies itself as the data collecting entity. When Vermont Gas Systems is not the entity, it will identify the entity and describe its relation to Vermont Gas Systems;
      2. identify the uses to which the information will be put;
      3. identify any potential recipients of the information;
      4. identify the nature of the information collected and the means by which it is collected if it is not obvious;
      5. whether the provision of the requested information is voluntary or required, and the consequences of refusal to provide the requested information;
    2. Vermont Gas Systems shares this policy and related policies with third party vendors where appropriate to ensure protection of personal identity information and energy use data.
    3. This Privacy Policy notice is posted in a clear and conspicuous manner on Vermont Gas System’s corporate website. The policy is posted in a prominent location and be readily accessible from both the site’s home page and any webpage where information is collected from the consumer.
    4. Vermont Gas Systems updates this policy as necessary and will provide notification to customers when changes are made.
  6. Company Self-Enforcement
    1. Vermont Gas Systems regularly reviews its information practices for process improvement opportunities and compliance. When necessary Vermont Gas Systems takes action in alignment with legal mandates and company policy.