VGS is committed to helping our customers save money, reduce their energy needs and get the most out of our services. We offer several different equipment rental options that allow customers to convert their existing heating system or add new hot water heater equipment.

Contact us for all lease terms and further lease information on what is included.

MakeDescriptionMonthly Rates
Bradford White 40 Gallon Chimney Vent $18
Bradford White 50 Gallon Chimney Vent $19
State 40 Gallon Direct Vent $28
State 50 Gallon Direct Vent $29
Rinnai Tankless Non-Condensing Tankless $29
Rinnai Tankless Condensing Tankless $29
State 40 Gallon Power Vent $24
State 50 Gallon Power Vent $25
Carlin Conversion Burner $24