VGS’s award-winning energy efficiency programs save customers over $14 million each year. Let our energy experts help you stay comfy in your home all year long!

Efficiency Snapshot Assessment

For homes with energy usage less than typical home
* Free
* Takes approx. one hour
* Comprehensive look at energy use in home
* Free conservation kit
* List of recommendations prioritized by effort and cost

Comprehensive Energy Audit

For homes with higher usage than typical home
* Free
* Takes approx. three hours
* Blower door test for air leakage
* Infrared camera to view thermal loss
* Comprehensive report
* 20-30% energy savings on bills with recommended upgrades

Rebates and Incentives

Efficiency equipment has its benefits. We increase savings by offering up to $1100 in rebates just for upgrading your equipment!

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Everyday Energy Reduction

Sometimes simple changes in the way you think about energy use can lead to big savings. Here are some simple tips for simple energy conservation.

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Special Equipment Financing

VGS partners with Green Mountain Credit Union to offer favorable interest loans for customers who upgrade to high efficiency heating system.

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Assistance Programs

Like other Vermonters who help their neighbors through cold winters, we want to help our neighbors stay warm. Find resources for customers who need it most.

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Become an Energy Champ

Live in Burlington? Become an Energy Champ today.

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Qualified Contractors

Find a professional contractor to help with your installation needs.

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