In February VGS filed a rate request with the Public Utility Commission for November 2020 implementation that supports its strong commitments to low and stable costs, keeping customers comfortable and combatting climate change. The proposal would have increased the Daily Access and Distribution Charges by 3%. While the requested increase was very moderate, in these unprecedented times VGS is doing all it can to keep rates stable and affordable. As a result, we recently amended the filing to hold the Daily Access and Distribution charges at current levels. The initial and revised filings are provided below.

Revised Filings:

2020-05-22 Supplemental Direct Testimony of A. Wainer (00250362xE4196)

2020-05-22 VGS’s Motion for Approval of Proposed Procedural Schedule (00250398xE4196)

Exhibit VGS-AW-1 (00250373-3xE4196)

Initial Filings:

1. 2020-02-14 VGS’s Petition

2. 2020-02-14 Direct Testimony of A. McNeil

3. Exhibit VGS-AM-1

4. Exhibit VGS-AM-2

5. Exhibit VGS-AM-3

6. Exhibit VGS-AM-4

7. 2020-02-14 Direct Testimony of J. St. Hilaire

8. Exhibit VGS-JSH-1

9. Exhibit VGS-JSH-2

10. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.1

11. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.2

12. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.3

13. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.4

14. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.5

15. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.6

16. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.7

17. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.8

18. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.9

19. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.10

20. Exhibit VGS-JSH-3.11

21. Exhibit VGS-JSH-4 – Attachment 1

22. 2020-02-14 Direct Testimony of A. Wainer

23. 2020-02-14 Direct Testimony of T. Lawliss

24. Exhibit VGS-TL-1

25. Exhibit VGS-TL-2

26. Commercial Website Notice

27. Residential Customer Website Notice

Combined – Clean Tariffs